3D Printable Furniture and Home Décor – Beautiful Color Options

Décor in Colors You Choose

Riepir is our first collection. More collections in the works for upcoming months.

Riepir Collection - 3D And Dowel

Experience Color in New Places

Finials in colors you love. Treat yourself and see our models.

Riepir Bracket - 3D And Dowel

Express Your Style

Riepir table brackets seamlessly fit into many décor schemes. Choose the color that fits yours.

Riepir Collection

Finial II, table bracket, tieback I, and vase are some of the Riepir models.

Riepir Collection Room 2 - 3D And Dowel

All Your Favorite Colors

Colors generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body, …

Samina T. Yousef Azeemi and S. Moshin Raza

More to Explore……….

Handles with flair


Scalable pops of color

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